A few things about me...

I have lived in South West London all my life.
Although I studied Art at school and University, I think of myself as mostly self-taught.
Among the artists whose work I admire the most are Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Turner, Degas and Sargent.
I love painting scenes of people living their lives...doing the things they do pretty much every day.
Although many of my paintings are inspired by my travels, I don't see myself as exclusively a travel painter. I like to paint whatever inspires me.
What I strive for in my paintings is a combinaton of strong abstract qualities with areas of sharp detail and highlights.
The places where I have found the most inspiration include Cuba, Burma, Kerala, Sri Lanka, and Zanzibar.
My aim as an artist is simply to paint the best paintings I can!
I have exhibited extensively in the UK and the US since my first major exhibition in 1986.
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